Photographs from Valley City, North Dakota



I decided not to insert images in my manuscript, as I develop it. You might select a small number of images later on, but for now I want to deal with text only.

Yet images matter a lot – that is, they add a lot. So I want to include links. You could insert raw links, but I do not want to do that. Thus link image to a title or a caption. Titles would generally be shorter than captions. Let’s forget about the distinction. Simply link image to whatever text seems appropriate.

Here are some samples:

Footbridge from City Park to Valley City’s business district

A pair of BNSF Dash 9’s pull an empty coal train across the massive bridge in Valley City, North Dakota.

Eastbound on the SOO Line main passing under the BN viaduct at Valley City.

An eastbound crosses the Hi-Line bridge in Valley City, ND. It was built between 1906-08 to cross the Sheyenne River and bypass the line that headed down hill and into the town of Valley City. The 3860 feet long and 162 feet high trestle is designated a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

BNSF Warbonnet paint schemes grace a westbound hopper train headed back to the Powder River for loading.

About thirty minutes later we have an eastbound crossing the Hi-Line Bridge at Valley City. The bridge was built by the Northern Pacific Railway between 1906 and 1908. It’s 3,860 feet long and soars 162 feet above the Sheyenne River.

And less than an hour later another westbound with some classic ATSF power.

Burlington Northern SD60Ms Nos. 9205 and 9241 with a westbound coal train soar over the large bridge across the Sheyenne River at Valley City, North Dakota, on October 13, 1996.

A long trestle crosses the Sheyenne River at Valley City. It’s worth spending some time here. First up is an eastbound coal train with yet another ATSF SD75 leader.

The original plan was to take a shot from the east bluff, but that would entail four trips to the car to carry about 150 pounds of camera gear out, and then back in the dark. While thinking it over, the wind died and the water on the Sheyenne River became as smooth as a woman’s behind. That’s pretty unusual in the Dakotas! So, I went for the reflection shot. The trestle is 150 ft. high and about 225 yards away so there were some challenges to overcome. And about 10,000 mosquitoes! Flash: x3 White Lightning X3200 with long throw reflectors. I believe this is the first time this big trestle has been flash photographed at night, at least about 500 feet of it. F. J. Haynes would have loved this!

Map of Valley City at flikr.

flikr contains a lot of great pictures of the Hi-Line Bridge, with trains on it.