Time of life, transition to a new one

A message I wrote to Keith A., after a pleasant interlude of conversation, where we watched San Diego Live Web Cam together:

Hi Keith,

Thank you for a good visit Tuesday evening. As you might suppose, I checked out SanDiegoWebCam later in the day, shortly after I arrived home. It was neat to see the change of light on the west coast, as late afternoon passed into early evening. Sunlight has a lot of moods, depending on time of day, and of course clouds.

You could not have known, when you told me what about the live feed from San Diego harbor, that you would recall so many memories for me. That’s a critical time of life for everyone, when you leave home and all its familiar people for good. It’s the transition Emily is about to travel. When I finished my training in San Diego, I went to Japan. That guaranteed a new stage of life. You miss home occasionally because you know you cannot cross back over to the former shore.

All that is tied up with those six months in San Diego.

Thanks again,