President Obama likes to brag. I guess it’s part of the job. I didn’t watch the State of the Union address, but I hear he did it again last night. He saved the U. S. auto industry by keeping General Motors and Chrysler in business. He uses our tax money to prop up two failing businesses, fires the CEO of one of them, then claims credit for saving the U. S. automobile industry. In all of the dozens, or perhaps hundreds of GM commercials I’ve seen over the last two years, in all the muscular public relations material they churn out, I don’t remember one of them thanking the taxpayers for their generosity. If the taxpayers bailed out my business, I don’t suppose I’d publicly thank them either.

Let’s not make a mistake about what’s going on with a bailout like this one. The UAW is a reliable source of money and votes. If you were a politician, would you let the UAW go out of business? It’s the same with all the teaching jobs Obama supposedly saved with his so-called stimulus funds. These were big payoffs to organized workers who support Democrats. The White House PR operation has been relentless about all the jobs they’ve created, all the jobs they saved. If you’re in a union, you’ve had it good under the Democrats. If you’re among the millions of people who lost your job during the country’s economic collapse, and you don’t belong to a favored group like the United Auto Workers or the American Federation of Teachers, forget it. We’ll pay you unemployment benefits until everyone forgets about you, and you can watch your family’s spirit shrivel as you waste the rest of your life unemployed.

Does that sound a little too bitter? It’s not bitter enough. Suppose Obama says in his campaign rhetoric, “Look, here’s how the system works. You turn out the votes, and I pay you off. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from – you’ll get your reward.” At least that would be honest. Instead, he pays off his supporters with our tax money and claims that he’s creating jobs! Somehow, other politicians who go for the White House manage to be less blatant about the operation. The country faced a large-scale collapse when Obama took office, so he thought he could mount a large-scale payoff and call it job creation. Nearly three years later, the Democrats’ propaganda machine still calls it job creation! The payoffs did work, but not as the propaganda claims they did. The Democrats still enjoy union support. Go to Wisconsin and ask the teachers there what party they support. Ask how they’ll vote in the governor’s recall election.

Ask an unemployed engineer, a newly graduated college student who can’t find work, or any of the millions of people who are idle now, not through anything they did. Ask them who they support. They’ll likely reply that they don’t support anyone who gives away their money. They just want the government to keep its hands out of the economy rather than gum it up. Given the choice between fairness and a job, a person will take a job every time. When the White House claims that it wants jobs, too, you have to give it credit for believing its own propaganda. Look at its actions, and you can see what it actually wants. It wants reliable support from Democratic workers in the next election – and it’ll give away your money to get it.