D: Don’t you think it’s a little late to be working?

C: I’m not working!

D: I’d say writing late at night is working.

C: Not so. I’d say writing late at night is relaxing.

D: Well only if you write for a short time, alright? I need to keep a close eye on you.

C: Did you hear that Whitney Houston died today?

D: Yes, I did.

C: Why does the body respond well to physical wear, but not to the wear of drugs?

D: Everything in moderation, you know.

C: That’s true. You can run yourself to death, just like a dog in the traces. And small amounts of alcohol might be good for you.

D: Doesn’t she look a little sad in this picture?

C: Yes, she does.

Whitney Houston

D: Do you listen to her music?

C: I listened to a few samples on Amazon tonight.

D: It’s something to think she was famous in her twenties, back before we went to China.

C: You want to China with us?

D: Of course.

C: Is there any place you don’t go?

D: Don’t think so.

C: Thank God!

D: You got that right.

C: When are you going to help me write the outline for Kennedy’s Assassins?

D: Why don’t you write it yourself? You know it’s not so hard.

C: Man, are you cutting me loose, just after you said you’re with me everywhere?

D: I’m always there when you need me.

C: Well I need you to write this outline.

D: You want me to do it?

C: No, I need your help. I keep putting things off. For a long time!

D: Go to bed a little earlier. Get up a little earlier. Read a little less online. Pray a little more.

C: You’re an incrementalist like me!

D: Incremental change is the best way to change your habits.

C: It doesn’t have to be an actual outline, does it?

D: What?

C: I don’t need to write a formal outline of Kennedy’s Assassins, do I?

D: Of course not. An unordered list is fine.

C: So why don’t I do that right now?

D: That sounds good. You could even dictate it to me, and I’ll write it down.

C: Would you do that?

D: Of course.

C: Alright then. Here’s what I’d like to have in the book:

The review of JFK and the Unspeakable at the beginning of Revolution in the Air.

D: Say, don’t you already have a list like this in the Journler?

C: I might have. The question is whether the list is copied into the manuscript itself.

D: I don’t think it has. We should check for that the next time we open up the Word file.

C: I’m sure I’ve written something on this subject in the Journler notes. The questions that remain are three: (1) what do you want to add to the list, (2) what do you want to subtract from the list, and (3) how do you want to order the list?

D: For some reason, I find myself reluctant to back the Amazon part of the project.

C: Why?

D: Seems like a lot of work, with little creative satisfaction.

C: You mean you think I should do a literature survey myself.

D: With some quotations from Amazon if that seems helpful.

C: A literature review and an annotated bibliography aren’t the same thing.

D: You could do both, as long as you concentrate on the most important books of the last decade or two.

C: Shouldn’t I include books that are older than twenty years old? After all, we want to the book to commemorate the assassination’s fiftieth anniversary.

D: Yes, a few. The literature is daunting, though. You don’t want to wade into an ocean of analysis and argumentation.

C: Wouldn’t it be something if Oswald had written a memoir?

D: That would solve a lot of mysteries…

C: Time to hit the hay, don’t you think?

D: Time to hit the hay!

C: Yay!