Last time I wrote a letter to David Ray Griffin. Tonight, we watched a film called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The film is about 9/11. It made me think about point number seven in the letter: remember the victims. Also, the film is based on a novel. That recalls point number six: tell a story. Lastly and not connected with the film, I wanted to mention point number two: don’t ask of the evidence more than it can give. That point is quite closely related to the last one: build and maintain credibility. If you speculate and go beyond the evidence, people don’t believe you. You know people will likely be skeptical about what you say even if you stay close to the evidence.

You need a working title for this book. Should you just assign it a number? Why not? 1122911. How about 9111122? No, I like the first one much better. Do you want to give it a subtitle? Then it would be 1122911: Two Infamous Dates. I like that. You have a title!

Lastly, remember your work with John Nelson on rhetoric of inquiry. You want to compare two research projects, two lines of argument that grow from those projects, as well as the persuasive qualities of those arguments. Go for it!