D: So Carlo, what’s happening?

C: Not much, how about you?

D: I can’t get over how familiar you are with me.

C: Isn’t that what you want?

D: Sure it is. I’m happy about that.

C: So why are you surprised?

D: I’m just pleased. That’s what I mean by “can’t get over it.”

C: Is anyone else familiar with you?

D: My son. Some of the saints. Oddballs like you. That’s about it.

C: I’m in pretty good company then!

D: You like being an oddball?

C: I like being a saint!

D: Well, being familiar with me doesn’t make you a saint.

C: I know, but I like to hang around with them.

D: How so?

C: They have interesting conversations.

D:  That they do.

C: Why do you suppose that is?

D: What?

C: That saints like to talk so much. Everything they say leads somewhere else!

D: That’s how you explore.

C: So you’re saying it’s just curiosity?

D: Why do you say just? Curiosity could be the best thing humans have, besides love.

C: You’re right about that. Curiosity just seems like a simple explanation for conversational variety and depth.

D: The two certainly go together.

C: What two things?

D: Curiosity and interesting conversation.

C: Say, I have an early morning wake-up. Plus my bedtime snack is making me fall asleep. Can we break for tonight?

D: Sure. I’ll see you up in bed in a little bit.

C: I have to take a bath first.

D: You could skip the bath, and take it in the morning.

C: I suppose I could.

D: Anyway, goodnight to you.

C: Goodnight to you, too.