C: I don’t know what it is, but I miss it when we don’t talk for a while.

D: Don’t you think you’ve talked enough already today?

C: That’s not such an encouraging opener.

D: No, I guess it’s not, but I want you to get yourself to bed.

C: How do I do that?

D: Stop typing, get up, walk out of the room, and climb the stairs.

C: That’s it?

D: That’s it.

C: Then what?

D: Get ready for bed.

C: I’ll do it!

D: Good.

C: Why am I still here?

D: Because you’re a schlumpf?

C: No, I just want to see how this post looks after I post it.

D: Alright, then you’ll go up?

C: Then I’ll go up.

D: Good.


C: That new background color looks pretty good!

D: You’re still here?

C: Just let me see how a picture looks, alright?

D: No pretty women, okay?

C: That’s just what I want to post!

D: Alright, then go to bed!