D: Why are you fussing around with the WordPress theme for this blog again?

C: It’s not quite what I want.

D: It’s good enough.

C: So what should I do instead?

D: What do you think?

C: Go upstairs?

D: Do it.

C: Do what?

D: Go upstairs!

C: You have to spell things out for me.

D: Alright. G-o-u-p-s-t-a-i-r-s.

C: You know I didn’t mean it that way.

D: What did you mean?

C: I mean the word it in do it might not be clear.

D: I see.

C: I’m going up now.

D: Good.

C: First I want to put something on our agenda.

D: What’s that?

C: The connection between the sinner model of salvation, and dependence on God.

D: Where did that subject come from?

C: From listening to Elvis Presley sing gospel music over the weekend.

D: That’s good. We’ll talk about that.

C: When?

D: Not now.

C: Alright, I’ll be patient.

D: Goodnight, Carlo.

C: Goodnight, Dio.