C: Leslie says that I should write a play based on our conversations.

D: No.

C: yeah, she did.

D: Why didn’t you capitalize that last sentence?

C: I wanted to see if you’d notice.

D: Well, I do notice.

C: so what’s it to ya?

D: You did it again!

C: Let’s not fight. I don’t really feel like it tonight.

D: What shall we talk about, then?

C: Let’s talk about this play.

D: Don’t you think we should bring in other characters if we want to make it a performance?

C: Like in Socrates? He has a pretty big cast of listeners at times.

D: Why don’t you do it audio only? You can post that on the internet easily. It would be like the old radio plays, or Abbot and Costello.

C: I would need a second person.

D: You could get Mark to do it. You know you could.

C: I wonder if he still has his recording equipment – the stuff he used for his radio show in Australia.

D: I don’t know why he would get rid of it.

C: Alright, maybe I should ask him on my birthday.

D: Ask him what?

C: If he’ll collaborate on a project like this!

D: Don’t you think it’s time to sleep?

C: I sure do!

D: So go for it.

C: Goodnight!

D: Goodnight, Carlo!