These remarks by Milo Bendech appeared as a comment in the Miami Herald:

Most third world countries are characterized by a small upper elite class and a huge poor class. That’s because the rich make sure the poor stay poor by opposing anything that would help the poor rise out of poverty: food programs, educational programs, minimum wages, progressive taxation.

It’s no surprise that the richest man in the world lives in Mexico …one of the poorest countries in the world.

Eventually what happens is that if the poor are neglected long enough, the poor will rise up and revolt against the rich. That’s what gave rise to Communism.

So it’s just a question of when you want to start thinking about sharing the wealth with the poor. You can do it now through educational , social and employment opportunities… or you can do it later when the poor rise up against the rich elite, kick them out, and take over their property like they did in Nicaragua, Venezuela, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Russia.

I’d like to analyze these remarks, but not now.

Burning barricade in Bangkok, Thailand, 2010.