D: What’s this I hear about your tenth book?

C: What do you hear?

D: What are you working on?

C: Infamy.

D: Is it your tenth book?

C: It is, if you count the ones I’ve edited.

D: I’d say those count.

C: Of the nine I’ve, I think four are edited and five are authored.

D: Tell me the edited volumes first.

C: You know the pair of Christmas books.

D: Childhood Dreams and Friendship Farm.

C: And I did a pair on the Iraq war.

D: Those weren’t edited, though.

C: You’re right. But they come to mind now. I guess we’re doing pairs first.

D: Those two were Ugly War and Soldier of Misfortune.

C: I can think of two more pairs now.

D: What are they?

C: The first pair I wrote as an academic.

D: Yes, Logic of Conflict and The Last Jeffersonian.

C: I didn’t know you knew anything about my academic days!

D: Of course I do.

C: I’ll bet you know the two books on revolution, too.

D: Revolution in the Air and Revolution on the Ground.

C: That brings us up to eight.

D: So what’s the last one?

C: It’s the one about you!

D: Me?

C: Sure, I Tell You. That’s another edited one.

D: That’s right. I like that one the best.

C: You would.

D: Don’t get fresh.

C: So it looks like we need to change our count.

D: What do you mean?

C: That is, three edited volumes, and six authored.

D: Not bad.

C: When do you think Infamy will be done?

D: Can’t tell. I like your plan, though.

C: What’s that?

D: Keep scheduling posts at TJ. When you get to the last post –

C: You mean the last post I plan to include in the book?

D: That’s right. The date on the last post becomes the date you want to publish the book.

C: E-book or paper?

D: It’s up to you of course. You have control over when the digital version appears.

C: That’s the bad thing about paper. You don’t have control.

D: Still, I think you’re right to aim for paper for this one.

C: I love to write, but selling books is hard.

D: I’ll help you.

C: You will?

D: Yes, you just follow my lead.

C: Alright, I will.

D: Are you ready to retire.

C: Yes!