C: Wouldn’t you say that most people don’t care one way or the other?

D: What do you mean, ‘don’t care one way or the other’? One way or the other about what?

C: They don’t seem to care about stuff.

D: Look around you. People go nuts about stuff on Twitter all the time.

C: They don’t seem to care about the stuff I care about.

D: You don’t care about Kim Kardashian’s tush?

C: Of course I care about her bottom! I wanted to see those pictures as much as anybody!

D: So I’m still not so clear. What do you care about that other people don’t care about?

C: Stuff.

D: Maybe we’re not going to get anywhere tonight.

C: I wish more people seemed to care about big stuff, like why we’re here.

D: You can’t care about that stuff too much. You’ll go nuts. Besides, how do you answer a question like that in one hundred and forty characters?

C: You see? Everything gets defined within the framework of one tweet! And tell me this: why couldn’t it have been one hundred and fifty characters?

D: Why do you think we’re here?

C: I heard a guy give a talk about that not long ago. His answer centered on compassion.

D: He said we’re here to care for each other.

C: That’s what it came down to. If he’s right, though, it seems we’d have more caring and less killing.

D: What balance would you expect if caring for each other explains why we’re here?

C: I’d say about one hundred to zero. I don’t see that we would have any destructive conflict at all if compassion were the central virtue.

D: Suppose it’s just an explanation.

C: What do you mean?

D: Suppose it’s not a virtue, or even a motivator. Suppose it just explains the difference between people who know why they’re here, and people who don’t.

C: You mean it’s just a kind of self talk?

D: If you want to put it that way.

C: But you can’t just convince yourself about things like that!

D: Sure you can, if the thoughts are true.

C: So we run up against truth again. You can try to figure out why we’re here, but who’s to say that caring for each other is a true answer?

D: How about if I say?

C: You mean we take it on your authority?

D: Just a suggestion.

C: You always surprise me with your simplicity.

D: And you surprise me with your stubbornness.

C: I suppose by now we shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

D: Well, listen to what I say, and you’ll hear the simple truth.

C: And from me, nought but stiff resistance!

D: That’s okay, because you come around before long.

C: Let’s talk again about why we’re here, and who cares.

D: I’d like that.