A trader who walked along a road one morning came upon a large construction site, where many workers labored together. The stone cutters’ work seemed most interesting to him, so he thought he would find out what they were doing.

“Excuse me,” he asked one stone cutter, “can you tell me what occupies you here at this building site?”

The man replied, “I have to cut this rock, right here on this side, so it fits into this spot right here.”

“Thanks.” Then the trader moved on to the second laborer, who appeared to be doing much the same thing. “Excuse me, can you tell me what you are doing?” he asked.

The second worker replied, “I make my living here. I do the work, they pay me, I bring the money home. It’s a job.”

“Very good,” responded the trader. A little further down the way, he found a small man moving a stone into place for cutting. “Excuse me, good man, what are you doing here?”

The third worker answered, “I’m building a cathedral.”