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I was walking down the sidewalk in Harvard Square on a hot day in August. Classes were ready to start in a couple of weeks. Out of the Coop’s front door steps a cute coed, with a bagful of books in one hand and few items of newly purchased clothing in the other. She sets both bags down on the sidewalk and slowly, too slowly and wriggling a little, pulls her T-shirt up over her head. She shakes her long brunette hair out over her bikini top. Then she reaches into the clothes bag and pulls out a new T-shirt. This time the shirt slips on altogether too fast. She tosses her old shirt into the clothes bag, picks up both bags, and turns right to walk straight towards me. I squint a little in the sun to read what’s on the front of the shirt without leaning over. In big blue letters it says, Who needs brains when you’ve got these?

Now that’s a great entering class!