Blog posts are my favorite form of writing. I keep up two blogs these days. The main one is The Jeffersonian at The secondary one is Conversations with Dio, the one you have in front of you right now. Conversations with Dio has few visitors, by comparison with The Jeffersonian. I feel I can write here, publically and privately at the same time. I’d like readership for Conversations with Dio to increase, but I know from experience with The Jeffersonian that you have to publish regularly for a long time to have modest growth.

Lately, I’ve tried to decide between two writing projects. I’m a technical writer and publisher. Generally I like to work with online help systems. Strangely, when I don’t write for pay, I like to write and publish. I joked with a friend once that my hobby is way too close to what I do for a living. My friend smiled. My real hobby is outdoor activity. If you add up the number of words I’ve produced, paid and unpaid, it would be a lot.

Let me describe those two writing projects. Do you think one of them might earn a lot of money someday. That’s doubtful. I think that my non-technical writing might lead to more income one way or another, but you have to be realistic. If you don’t actively involve yourself in selling your work, it won’t sell. I’ve learned, through experience, that I don’t actively involve myself in selling my work. That is, I used to think quite a lot about how to sell my work, and I followed through with those plans. Those activities yielded some success, but not enough to make me enthusiastic about putting more energy into that area.

So I concluded that I like to write best. I’m happy to have people read what I write, but they don’t have to pay for access. They don’t have to pay, to show me that my thoughts affect other people.

So how will I decide between these two projects. It’s actually three projects, now that I think about it. Let me list them, and make a few remarks about each one. I have done a little work on two of them, virtually no work on the third. The third project is the one I’m leaning toward.

The first one is based on Project Artichoke. My latest thinking is that it would be a short story rather than a book. The story connects MK-ULTRA, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, and the Zodiac killings. I have a friend who has suffered a lot during her life because she fell into contact with people who had knowledge of these connections. Part of my motivation for writing on this subject is to redeem some of that suffering. I have doubts whether it would actually do that.

The second project is called Conversations with Dio, same as this online journal. Right now, I do not conceive the project as a book, or anything publishable. Pieces of it could find their way to this blog. The project’s aim is to preserve Journler material I wrote from the summer of 2006 until the spring of 2012. This period coincides with the time I used Journler to keep a personal diary on my small Mac.

The third project is called Game of Life. As I think about it now, it would be a memoir. I would like to write about this now, but a lawn mower grinds away outside, and I need to run an errand. So, I’ll say more about this book in the next post. I need to think verbally about why I want to write this book.