I feel positive about embarking on this new project, though it means once again I have steamed ahead without doing much to promote the last book I wrote. You have to do what feels right. If providence ordains that my work be read, then someone else will bring it in front of people after I’m dead. For now, I need to keep writing. That is just.

Bobby Kennedy’s Untold Story is my eleventh book. Three of the eleven are edited volumes. I want to remember all of them. They actually do break down in pairs, for the most part. The odd one, not a pair, is I Tell You. The others break down as follows, five pairs in all.

Two books written while I was an academic, one largely at Wisconsin, the other largely at Carthage: Logic of Conflict and The Last Jeffersonian.

Two books edited as Christmas books for my family: Childhood Dreams and Friendship Farm.

Two books written about the Iraq War: Ugly War and Soldier of Misfortune.

Two books based on articles in The Jeffersonian, about the coming revolution: Revolution in the Air and Revolution on the Ground.

Two books about political crimes: Infamy and Bobby Kennedy’s Untold Story.

That’s a lot of work! I’ve said, or thought more than once: I need a hobby that’s a little more different from my day job! Or you could say, I need a day job that’s a little more different from my hobby. Either way, I write a lot. I’ve become pretty good at it. Do I crave fame? No. Do I want to make people rethink what they think they know? Yes, I do. So keep going. Your most important goals depend on it.

I know I should provide links for the books listed above, but not tonight. If you see a book you are interested in, and would like my help to obtain it, please leave a comment below this post. The books are either free, or cost little. Only the first one, El, costs about $150 at Amazon. That grew out of my research as a graduate student and junior professor. Unless you’re a specialist who analyzes international conflicts, you would not want to read that one.

Nevertheless, it’s the book that got me started. I’m as proud of it as I am of all the others. When that book was finished, I was bitten: I knew I liked to write books. The stuff I write for pay is not at all like the stuff I write for free. It’s all one, I guess. Writing is writing, whatever the subject matter.

Now it’s time to advance the new project a little bit. I’ll admit that I look for ways to reduce my anxiety somewhat. The record for some people who research political crimes in the United States is not comforting. Read Mary’s Mosaic, to start. Meantime, I can put project writing in the second half of these posts at Conversations. That should hide them well enough, don’t you think?

I need to fill in the background for this project. An important part of the background concerns the friend I mentioned in the last post. Another part of the background is a book called Project Artichoke. It’s the published version of a journal written by David Silvey. This journal does not tell a single story. In fact, it goes all over the place. Yet its pieces cohere, in a way, if you let them. That’s especially true if you open your mind to what Silvey wants to say here.

That’s all for tonight!