We watched Ivy Meeropol’s Heir to an Execution last night.

What’s it about?

Ivy Meeropol is the granddaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The film is a family history.

Was it good?

Yeah, it was. Tell me, what do you think of about the Rosenbergs?

Everybody knows that was a frame-up.

Wow, until I saw the film, I didn’t really know who the Rosenbergs were.

Everyone knows a single bullet didn’t kill Kennedy, either.

I feel like you’re in on a secret.

Not if everyone knows.

Why does everyone keep so quiet?

You tell me.

Well, official opinion considers support for the Rosenbergs treasonous.

And what does official opinion tell you about people who think the Warren Report is a whitewash?

Nut jobs.

So you have it. If everyone knows the feds framed the Rosenbergs, and if everyone knows the Warren Commission whitewashed the president’s assassination, why would someone want to pick a fight with the government about that now? You’ll just get your tongue cut out.

You mean people don’t want to say the truth because they’re afraid?

You could call it fear, or you could call it a matter of costs and benefits. Why talk about things that get you in trouble? Little people can’t pull down Big Lies.

Sure they can!

I appreciate your optimism. Generally people who try to make others see the truth about big things run into trouble, fast.