Jeremiah Wright

What is this imbroglio with Jeremiah Wright?
I haven’t heard one thing he said that wasn’t true.
‘Course I haven’t heard much, that’s true.
Still everything he says about how
Blacks are treated in America, is true.

Granted, it’s a complicated picture.
Race relations bedevil everything,
You can’t characterize them just one way.
But honestly, what about Wright’s sermons isn’t true?
Obama had to disavow him because he’s a politician.
He needs votes to succeed, to accomplish anything.
But honestly, exactly how is Wright wrong?

~ Originally written August 16, 2008, during Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency


Here are a few interesting polling questions:

Of the people who think Barack Obama is a Muslim, how many think he was not born in the United States?

Of the people who think Barack Obama was not born in the United States, how many think he is a Muslim?

Of the people who think the United States was reborn in Barack Obama, how many think Barack Obama is a born again Christian?