Hi Everyone,

Time for a Christmas message for family and friends, I believe. First, here are a couple photographs of Will Greffenius, scion of the Greffenius East Coast dynasty. Will is preparing for his second birthday party on Sunday, December 20. No one can stop him, and he lets you know it.

Will Learning to Walk

Will learning to walk, December 2014.

Will Fall Walk

Going for a walk with Mom and Dad.

Now for some quick updates:

Leslie – Guitar lessons, August trip to Japan, Foundation for Westwood Education board member, steadfast foundation for our home. Stand by for Leslie’s annual Christmas and New Year’s letter, which contains a more rounded summary of our family’s year.

Will on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in Rock Creek Park.

Emily – Travels with Leslie and friend Rianna to Japan in August, family trip to St. John last February. Camp counselor at Noble and Greenough over the summer. Incredibly heavy workload for senior year classes, dance, job, and college applications all handled with aplomb. Looking forward to busting out of here next August.

Will Not in Japan

Emily and Rianna in Kamakura, Japan.

Rob and Jess – Second child due at the end of January 2016. Moved into their first house this summer, in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington DC. Glamorous sewer pipe and related reconstruction projects follow. Law practices substantially more interesting.

Will Not at New House in DC

New house in Tenleytown.

Will – Turns two on December 20. Talks, and like Clint Eastwood, speaks only when he has to. Ready to be a big brother.

Steve – Started Puzzle Mountain Digital last winter, published Infamy late this fall. Posts contents of his brain at The Jeffersonian, so you don’t ever need to wonder what he thinks.


Steve names his company after Puzzle Mountain in Western Maine. Photo taken from the mountainside during the climb.

Upcoming family event – We recently completed registration for the Cherry Blossom races in Washington DC, with beautiful 5K and ten mile courses along the Potomac, slated for Sunday, April 3. It has become a family event – the only practical opportunity for a family reunion, given schedules and geography. We hope everyone can make it!

That’s enough news for now. Stay happy for the holidays. I try to remember that life’s blessings far outweigh its difficulties. With that in mind, this message comes with good wishes to you and your family, for the holiday season and the upcoming year.

Write back to let us know how you and your family are doing!

P. S. For a Christmas picture from a few years ago, see this holiday photograph:Family at Boston 12-27-11