Let’s have a look at current FreeCell statistics, mostly from 2015.

Number of games played: 2,030

Average time per game: 7:34, or 454 seconds per game

That tells you the number of seconds spent playing FreeCell: 921,620, or almost a million seconds!

Divide 921,620 by 60 to obtain the number of minutes: 15,360 minutes, with a remainder of 20 seconds that we will drop.

Divide 15,360 by 60 to obtain the number of hours: 256 hours.

That is sobering. That is more hours than I spent running in the last two years. It’s also a nice number from the computer age: two to the eighth, or four to the fourth power. The Commodore 64 had 64 KB in its RAM, until someone figured out how to make computers with 256 KB of RAM!

Let’s go back to our subject. Our subject is how to play FreeCell for fun. The best method for solving FreeCell puzzles is trial and error. I’ll explain why trial and error is the best method later one.