cancer killing recipe

Well, I’m back after all Month of silence, and I’m happy that I have survived this first Month…
What a way to begin a Year!!!
Whatever could go wrong, it went!

My pain in my joints was so bad, that I could hardly walk.
Than I got “cancer scare”. My stomach and colon felt like something very wrong was brewing up there, so I fell in depression.
My friends didn’t want to talk to me, because I was to depressing. :) !
My computer was malfunctioning.
And than I got the Flu and I felt so miserable, that I forgot about all the other problems. :) !
And all that time I believed, that somehow I’m going to be OK.And I’m now.

I have less pain in my bones. I’m taking Turmeric and Ginger for that.
For Cancer (if any) I got some Apricot Power vitB17.
My computer got fixed.

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